Where is your job taking you?

Recently while taking one of my daily walks, I did a mental audit of my employment and business ventures for the past thirty years. Surprisingly it was all very vivid, no struggling to remember fine details it was all there clear and still raw, and I felt a tinge of anger and irritation of how I had been treated by employers, people I was close to and so-called friends, who became business partners.

This mental audit was based on several questions I asked myself:

  • While in employment did I receive the wage I was entitled too?
  • Were my Superannuation payments paid into my retirement account?
  • Did the time I worked match the hours I was paid?
  • Was I treated fairly by others, was I intimidated or bullied
  • Was I sexually harassed by the employer or other workers?
  • Was I forced to leave employment because of harassment or unfair working conditions?

I opened Pandora’s Box

I started rolling back the years and I went back to when I first left school, my first job, the opportunities I have had, the types of careers I have leaned towards.

I must say it was an eyeopener… I don’t think in the last thirty plus years I have ever done this.

Particularly the last twenty since the death of my husband, where I have been on auto pilot for years.

A mental audit of my working life, the results are in and it’s not pretty, in fact it stinks!!

In every case I have been treated unfairly, by an employer or business partner and the underlaying reason is self-interest.

I could go down the rabbit hole and beat myself up, call myself names, I should have done this or that, what a fool I was to put my trust in this person. It would be endless, and I would go around in circles. It’s gone, I did what I thought was the best with the knowledge I had at the time. Let it go…

Are you any different?

I will make this statement, you may have suffered a similar fate, maybe in varying degrees, maybe much worse. Nonetheless, whether you are male or female, most of us have similar stories. Do a mental audit of your careers or business ventures and see what you come up with.

Being honest with myself, I must take on some of the responsibility, being ignorant or misinformed isn’t a good reason and in some cases, this was the reason. I should have made inquiries and checked, and not just trusted my employer to do the right thing.

I want to live my life, not record it. ~Jackie Kennedy~

When we find the career or employment we want we are so grateful to be able to trade time for money, hours for dollars, to pay our bills, have that annual holiday, we don’t want to create any waves. So, we put up with it.

I did take a stand

To be fair while doing that mental audit, I had flashes where I approached my employer and took a stand and corrected things, particularly when I was younger.

Age doesn’t always make you stronger, it can make you more fearful, dependent, fearful of being without an income, fearful that better skilled, younger people are waiting in the wings…. And they are!

It doesn’t matter at the end of the day, whether you are stacking the shelves at your local supermarket or you have a high-flying career in the corporate world.

FEAR dominates your working life and influences every decision you make every day.

Let’s face it, most people will complain about their job and career, whatever level of the income ladder they are on. Few however will ever do anything about it. They literally must be pushed out the door or ejected from the corporate nest before they wake up.

The Solution

There is only one answer, one solution, it’s always been the answer, work for yourself… create an online business. The question is which business model do I follow? There seems to be an explosion of opportunities to choose from. What should I look for in an online digital business model?

  • On going support while you are building your business
  • Proof that this business is working for people just like you
  • Learn as you earn atmosphere
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Mentors to show you the way
  • A system that can be adapted to use with your own products and services

There is such a business model, I am following it, and it ticks all the boxes for me. If you are curious or remotely interested this form below will take you to that business.

It’s never too late to stand on your own two feet and create your own opportunity and change your lifestyle.