What will your retirement lifestyle look like?

Does this describe your future?

Will you be like so many you see at the Mall, standing outside the local supermarket discussing the price of basic food items, and complaining about your aches and pains, the amount of doctor visits you must have? Your future looks bleak, you aren't well enough to go on working... you have to watch every cent!

I don't want that to be my retirement lifestyle....

This is the picture I want...

Sitting at my local cafe for breakfast.... Having just purchased some basic food items, just enough to carry me through for the next couple of days till I fly out for my next overseas holiday. 

I am excited! I had fun last time, I'm not worried about money. Even on holiday my online business is working for me. 

There is no worry about coming home to huge credit card debt, money isn't a problem, I know how to make it and replenish my bank account.

Life is good... I care about people and my family and I are able to help others and I love doing it.

Does that sound like a lifestyle you would love?

Now is the time to do something about it, even if you are approaching retirement age, it's never too late. Have you ever watched the news and seen an interview with some individual that's fallen on hard times and at some point, they reveal their age...? you are shocked, what happened to them, they are broken and look decades older than you. 

A shiver runs through you.... because you know... that could be anyone of us... in the future, and what's worse, they're younger than you.

Did you know, that 1-3 women that retire have no superannuation funding, no back up plan and those that do only have around $100,000 in their super account.

Men don't fare any better, with around $200,000 in super funding... no wonder they are focused on every cent they have. They are on the poverty line, struggling to exist!

I don't want that for my retirement lifestyle!

We instinctively know that the only way to profit in this world is to have a lucrative business, although a successful business even today alludes most of us. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We know that most of the popular franchises are proven business models and will very likely remain so.... very few of us have the hundreds of thousands to purchase one, even in the less sort after locations.

There is an affordable business model

This business model may well give you the opportunity to prepare for your retirement, and if followed...  you may retire much earlier than most. It does require commitment and work; and there are no guarantees, although the steps are clearly laid out and mentoring support and a community of likeminded people is provided, you are building your own business, its ultimately up to you and how you apply it.

It's worth a look, YES...nothing is lost...

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I know I don't want to be the person outside the supermarket, discussing the price of basic food items, I want to be the one planning my next trip... at the local cafe over breakfast..

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