What you focus on expands…

Some will dispute this statement, but it is backed up by science, ‘experience-dependent neuroplasticity’-  in simple terms what we are taking in, is shaping our brain, our mind, and influencing how we think and behave, impacting on life experience and seeping into our subconscious minds.

Lifestyle starts in the mind, with what experiences we feed it. This old Native American story below explains ‘experience-dependent neuroplasticity’ in simple terms.

Native American story

Once upon a time, there was a Cherokee grandfather (or Navajo grandfather), who told his grandson, “Grandson, there are two wolves inside of me.

One wolf is white, good and altruistic, generous and kind, and the other wolf is black, mean and greedy, violent and angry.

The two wolves are in a constant fight within me.” The grandson, with wide eyes, says, “But which one will win, grandpa?” And the grandfather says, “The one which I feed.”

What are you feeding your brain on?

You are the only one that can answer that question, no one else. Only you know what is going on in your head. Changing your lifestyle starts in your head, starts in your mind, its nothing to do with the outward display of things you have, that doesn’t determine success, they come later.

‘Live in the joyous expectancy of the best, and invariably the best will come to you’ Dr Joseph Murphy

Time for a reset

Many of us today are tired, mentally and physically with life. We long for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. The dreams we had when we were younger have long gone, they feel like a distant memory.

Are You a Ship without a Rudder?

When the boat left the shoreline all those years ago, its sails were bellowing with wind power, she was navigating with ease the power of the ocean, but now we are floundering far off on the horizon, no wind in our sails, and terrified if we hear about a storm warning.

We glance back at the shoreline from time to time and wonder what happened, what happened to our power, where is it? Did we lose it or give it away?

Does this describe how you feel? You have lost sight of the shoreline, lost sight of your why, your purpose, you want a different life. You’re not alone, in just about every job there is, it doesn’t matter where you work, whether you are a high-flying executive or working at MacDonald’s, the feeling is the same.

Your energy is being sapped from you to the point of exhaustion. The weekends are spent just recuperating from the past week. Your work week maybe be different to 9 till 5, but the result is the same.

Take a pause in your life and reset, download this eBook at no cost and reset your life and start to dream again about that lifestyle you’ve always wanted for you and the ones you love. Click here.

‘A change of feeling is a change of destiny’ – Neville Goddard