What is your why

What is your purpose

What is your why?

Children ask this question constantly and can pester parents relentlessly for the answers.

Somewhere along life’s path we’ve lost that curiosity….

I can remember when my youngest son Benny was four years of age, he would chatter incessantly, and finally I would have to ask him to be quiet… just for a little while please, unfortunately it only lasted for a moment and he was off again.

This quote below is very powerful, if we don’t discover why, our purpose, our passion, our self, we just go through life drifting from one day to the next, without inspiration and finally when we do question our why, decades have flown by.

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why…
~William Barclay~

What does it mean, NOT knowing your why?

It can mean you stay in a career/job that you hate, and when Sunday afternoon rolls around (or whatever day is the start of the your working week) you have that same sinking feeling you felt when you had to go to school on Monday morning. That’s no way to live…you feel stuck and trapped.

Don’t confuse ‘why’ with responsibility- for example, I must pay the bills and feed my family… that is MY why! you may say. No… that’s not what we are talking about here.
Simply knowing your why is the difference between living a full life or just existing… going through the motions of day to day living, because you haven’t worked out your ‘why’. Suddenly retirement is upon you!

A man (or woman) without a goal, (why, purpose or passion) is like a ship without a rudder ~Thomas Carlyle~

Attempting to navigate through life’s turbulent waters today, when you don’t know your ‘why’ can be scary, and gut wrenching… from a day to day perspective.

How can I find my why?

Life today can suck up our time, so much so, that we drift from day to day and year to year mechanically, until one day we come to the realization of wondering, is it all worth it? We are tired, worn-out and exasperated because we don’t know what our ‘why’ is.

Maybe our why is buried so deep inside us, we don’t believe we have one. Perhaps we need to quiet our minds for a while, to access it.

Our minds are rarely still these days, we are bombarded constantly by noise from every possible direction.
Your why is connected to your purpose, happiness, passion and self-worth, it’s about what resonates with you at a deep level, our core beliefs are also tied up with our why.
Knowing your why isn’t the new buzz word, decades ago they called it ‘finding yourself’.

What is your purpose?One way to find your why

One popular method of uncovering your why, is going back to when you were a child, and remembering what interested you, what thrilled you, what made your heart sing. What did you dream about becoming? Sometimes clues can be revealed.

Personally, I believe this is one of the purest ways of rediscovering your why. Remember this was before your mind was cluttered with the stresses of life and adult opinions, when it was okay to dream outrageous dreams, and ideas…. and the only attention you received was a smile, a pat on the head and chuckle from your parents.

Inwardly they were thinking… if only you could stay a child forever and I could protect you from this cruel world. Or you may have ignited a feeling in your parents they had when they were children… momentarily taking them back to their dreams.

Let me use myself has an example, when I was a child I use to love going into the garden and talking to the plants, my father to this day still refers to my behavior.

  •  I love the garden and have hundreds of pot plants.
  • Every night I would make up stories to tell my older sister, so she could fall asleep
  • Today, I’m an author of children’s books.
  • I can remember hiking up the local foothills and mountains and feeling the green springy short soft grass beneath my feet, and the tall rust coloured bracken {a type of large fern} seemingly towering above me.
  • Today, I have a site called Walking the Gold Coast, still love to walk.

These memories are vivid and for many years they were just memories in childhood, until I started to explore them.

There is a bridge to adulthood?

Yes…. there is a bridge. I use a pseudonym, Lillian Bell and have a website called Walking the Gold Coast. It took decades to come back and explore what I really loved in life.
Which brings me back to the ‘Why’… many of us cannot explore our why, because we can’t do anything about it anyway, we haven’t the time, or freedom to indulge ourselves – you must work or spend 60 or 70 hours in business just to keep afloat these days.

There we have it! We don’t know our why because living is taking up all our time…

If only there was a way where we could get ourselves in a position, where we could work hard for a relatively short time, compared to a whole lifetime, and have the freedom to explore our dreams, passions and find our purpose.

There is an opportunity available, a path that others have followed and modeled… which has allowed them to gain not only freedom to explore their purpose, or why in life, but to connect to a community of like-minded people.

You have that same opportunity extended to you now, I’m exploring it because I want to keep doing the things I love, and continue the lifestyle that supports it. I want to keep doing my ‘why’… the things that make my heart sing, but like you I have to live and pay the bills etc.

Check out the seven-day video series and perhaps it will help you find out… What is your why?