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What’s so special about Byron Bay anyway?

Byron Bay Australia

Everyone raves about this place; frankly I was over it. Every time I’ve travelled down from the Gold Coast for a day trip you are confronted by crowds of people and parking issues.

On a number of occasions with interstate friends it became so frustrating, traffic bumper to bumper into town and then finding a park was a nightmare! We all headed out of town back to the Gold Coast.

Signage Cape Byron

The end result was I just haven’t visited the location for sometime.  Then my sister arrived for a long weekend and it was time to try again.

Surely there must be something in this constant buzz about Byron Bay and it’s only about 40min from the Gold Coast.

The secret to success

Up early Saturday morning and this time I was determined it was going to be a good day at Byron Bay; the great memories of the place I want them back.

Off we went early around 7.30am for Byron and a walk around the Lighthouse. Usually I do some research before I go walking, check Google maps and decide which is the best walking track?

Didn’t do any of those things, just jumped in the car headed south straight down the Pacific Hwy to the Byron Bay turn off.

Perfect day for a visit to Byron Bay

This is the secret, go early and stay away from Sunday day trippers.

Parking was a breeze no bumper to bumper traffic into town. It is out of season and early morning, but who cares we are here and looking for a place for breakfast.

Breakfast on the beach front

We decided to have breakfast on the beach front at Fish Heads, this restaurant is steeped in local history and it’s worth taking your time to read about it on the menu.

We both ordered ‘Spanish Eggs’ it was filling and delicious with a bite of chilli. Now we were ready for our walk and what a magnificent day, the memories were flooding back.

take in the view at Byron Bay, just perfect

Cape Byron Headland Reserve

This is what Byron Bay is about, the views from the walking track were breathtaking the water was turquoise with the colour intensifying in the deeper waters; the air was clean and cool a perfect day for walking.

700metres to the Lighthouse and every step was rewarded with intoxicating views of Cape Byron with Julian Rocks just off shore. This is the Byron I remembered, how could I ever forget?

My sister enjoying a fabulous day at Byron Bay

Along the route take a quick detour off the main walking track to ‘Little Wategos Beach’ just a hundred metres, but worth the effort.

The button on the camera has been running hot; I love digital cameras you are only limited by how much your memory card will hold.

Back to the Main Track and the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse looming above

Continuing on and you will arrive at the most easterly point on the Australian mainland, views all along the coast in both directions with the brilliant white Lighthouse looming up ahead.

The approached to the Lighthouse lends itself to some perfect photos; no wonder visitors love this place it is quite unique.

The lighthouse is a handsome structure, gleaming in the morning sun with an indigo ocean backdrop; the brilliance of it contrasting against the deep blue sky is quite incredible.

Time for a Break

After all that walking and climbing steps up to this exceptional location it is time to rest and have a cuppa. Byron is a very special place, best advice pick your time frame carefully.

Cape Café is a very pleasant spot to have a quick drink and snack, soak in the incredible views one last time while recuperating for the journey back down to Wategos Beach.

But before you leave take the time to check out the visitors centre, some interesting facts about the inhabitants of this fabulous location that is Byron Bay.

See you on my next walk.