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Tahquitz Canyon Visitors Centre Tour

After my 4 hours to kill in Palm Springs day, which I might add turned into a pleasant few hours, the next day was our last hours before we flew back to Australia. We decided we would spend this time stretching our legs on one of the hiking trails.

Tahquitz Canyon Trail Visitors Centre

Tahquitz Canyon hiking trail was the best choice for the day, access from Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Centre 500 W Mesquite Palm Springs. After paying the entry fee we were off, I do recommend you sit down for a few minutes and read the guide.

We didn’t… and after returning to our accommodation we discovered we had actually missed some interesting ‘locations of interest’ however it was a last minute decision and this was the end result.

My impression of Tahquitz CanyonHikers on the Tahquitz Canyon Trail

The air was cool and the canyon was in deep shadow looking up on our left we could see the overhanging boulders where we took photos a few days earlier at Josie Johnston Vista Park.

This place has a mystic feel about it and according to the walking guide the entrance to the Tahquitz  Canyon was named more than 3,000 years ago by Evonganet “Great Chief” of the Cahuilla.

The legend associated with this location is quite fascinating and one worth researching before the hike.

If only these rocks could speak…

Josie Johnson Vista Park just beyond the ridge


When walking along this trail you have an over whelming feeling that every rock and boulder could tell their own story. If only these rocks could talk what stories they could tell.

And they do! One in particular along the trail stood out, ‘The Foxes Dress’ the legend tells of a young maiden who had the power to turn herself into the rock that bears her name.

If I had taken the time to read the information before I started the walk I could have immersed myself in its contours and thought of the story about this young maiden, who she was and why she would want to transform herself into a large boulder.

Tahquitz Falls (water falling down)

The highlight of this walking trail is the Tahquitz Falls a beautiful location which probably hasn’t changed for thousands of years. If the Tahquitz Falls could talk what stories they could tell past and present. Everyone is eager to take photos at this site and we weren’t any different.

Gary looking for his reading glasses, below the Tahquitz Waterfall

Hold onto your reading glasses not the camera- good travel advice

If anyone asks you to take a photo of them anywhere… and you wear glasses make sure you wear one of those ‘stringy thingy’ around you neck to stop you losing them.

This happened to my boss, someone asked if he would take their photo while they stood in front of the Tahquitz Falls, he took hold of the camera looked down at the lens settings and his glasses headed south into the fast flowing water never to be seen again.

It was quite a sight to behold, hikers searching down stream for a pair of reading glasses and Gary with his hands and arms in the cold water hoping by some miracle these weren’t the new designer glasses that are lighter than air and they were at the bottom. But alas they had gone forever.

Best advice for the Tahquitz Canyon trail

My best advice if you are visiting the Tahquitz Canyon Visitors Center and you are walking the trail please take note of the following;

  • Take a moment to read the information brochure and familiarize yourself with the ‘locations of interests’ and then take the trail, looking for these sites will only enrich your experience and appreciation on the day.
  • Ranger-led interpretive hike is also a great option, guided tours are usually much more interesting and interactive and so rich in additional information and stories that are never documented in official literature and I am sure this will be the case!

Tahquitz Falls

I just loved Palm Springs.. hope to come back for a visit soon.


See you again…

Tahquitz Canyon Walking Trail – Palm Springs

We had a rest day in Palm Springs on the way to Vegas for the International Roofing Expo. Usually we stay around 2 miles from down town Palm Springs. Breakfast is served in the pool area (help your self)and  while having breakfast we have often seen people walking along the ridge way above the motel and wondered how they got up there.Best Western Inn Pool area Palm Springs

This time we are going to find out how to get up to that ridge, the country is beautiful and rugged and the colors soft and delicate, there are rattle snakes and all sorts of critters.

Let alone the loose small rocks and boulders. There must be a walking trail close by.

After Breakfast we were off to find a walking trail

Breakfast over it was time to investigate the local walking trails. No research was undertaken, so along with my companion who incidentally is my boss we decided to start walking along S Belardo Road which runs parallel to the mountains, then onto W Mesquite Ave and headed for the hills.S Belardo Road Palm Springs

At this point we had no idea if there was a trail up to the ridge but we hit the jackpot! There it was!

Tahquitz Canyon Trail

The visitor’s centre was further up the road, but we decided to follow the hikers up the slopes.

Many had walking poles, so perhaps this was an indication of how steep the climb was going to be.

However the climb was relatively easy and the views were spectacular, Palm Springs stretched out like a carpet of Palms and streets.Josie Johnson Vista Park

Josie Johnson Vista Park

The dusty trail continued to climb to Josie Johnson Vista Park, where a number of tables and benches were spread over a small plateau ready for weary hikers to enjoy their refreshments.

How they transported these picnic settings up the slopes was beyond me, but just ahead was an area where you could tie up horses perhaps this was the way.

From this location you can see Tahquitz Canyon below, look carefully and you just might pick out other hikers taking the Tahquitz Canyon Trail to the waterfall.Picnic area at Josie Johnson Vista


We Couldn’t Continue…

The sun was hot even though it was winter and we weren’t prepared for a long hike.

With just a little amount of water in my water bottle, I kept holding a small amount of it in my mouth instead of swallowing it, read it somewhere if you were short on water.

Three hours have now past and we have walked beyond the Best Western Inn, in fact we couldn’t even see the motel because smaller hills hid its location.

The trail meandered into the distance, time to head back. The trail will be conquered on another visit when we are better prepared..

Palm Springs below

If you are visiting Palm Springs take one of the many hiking trails in the area you will not be disappointed…Gary & Nancy Chapman and Gary Hollis

You never know who you will meet on the trail, Gary and Nancy celebrating their wedding anniversary, returning to where they had their honeymoon and Gary in the blue shirt. (my boss)


Do you drink enough water?