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What would your perfect day look like

A day… in your perfect life. What lifestyle would you choose if you could?

If someone said to you right now, you could choose whatever lifestyle you wanted… what would it be? Remember funds aren’t a problem… think about it.

Many of us dream of a different lifestyle and it means different things to different people, not everyone wants to sit on a beach drinking cocktails.

This is an example of a ‘perfect day’, for someone… write down your perfect day.

Maybe you love to cook, and you dream about having your own cooking show, your own recipe books, you would love the Celebrity Cook lifestyle. You may feel there’s a gap in the market for what you want to do, you know how to add another dimension to the experience.

Perhaps you want to get back to basics, bring back good basic food, real food, organic food, picked fresh.You dream about preparing that food in an old-world farmhouse kitchen.

A kitchen you designed yourself.  You see yourself standing at your huge timber top bench, running your fingers along the smooth surface while looking at the vegetable patch, brimming with organic vegetables at the end of the garden.

On the window sills are pots bursting with herbs, voluptuously bubbling over with growth, full of fragrance and flavour, patiently waiting for your next delectable recipe to burst to life.

With the camera rolling, you open the back door and brush past the herbs, the smell of mint fills the morning air, reminding you of Sunday Roasts and mint sauce.

The memory is fleeting because now, you have so much more to offer in your arsenal, using this fragrance herb.

 You speak of it briefly, while strolling along the garden path to the chicken pen.

The free-range chickens are happy to see you, they run to meet you and only stop when they see the camera. The only thing you are going to take away from them is their eggs, not their life and not these little hens, you turn to the camera and say so with a little chuckle.

Your attention now turns to the vegetable patch.

The tomatoes vine is heavy with fruit, and you carefully examine the fruit before placing it in your produce basket alongside the multicoloured eggs shells, which indicates the health and free-range nature of your wards. (whom you have named)

You refer to your gardener by name and will soon have a show featuring him and his secrets of planting tomatoes and not only cultivating tomatoes but producing an abundant crop.

Some of your audience only watch you because of the gems of information you add about your garden. You appeal to many different people, they all love watching you.

With the camera following close behind, you return to the colonial style glass door to the kitchen, before opening it, you stop momentarily and pick some basil, the air fills with that intoxicating fragrance that only lovers of Italian food relate too. You take a deep breath and look right into the camera and captivate your audience with the brief history of the herb, with the addition of some tantalizing story.

It’s time now for your encore performance, and it is a performance, you have a reputation for being eccentric and everyone loves you for it.

It’s not my dream, not my scene, although I do like the kitchen and the herbs on the sill, the rest not my dream. The point is someone is dreaming it and not doing it. Making our dreams a reality isn’t easy, it takes commitment, inspiration and hard work in some form, and belief that we can succeed.

How would I even start if I wanted this ‘perfect day’ lifestyle?

A few tips & ideas to think about…

Firstly, you would have to develop you, who you are, being you not someone else. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is a must, you don’t need fancy equipment you can use your smart phone and a stand- start recording

  • Develop your online personality and create a YouTube Channel
  • Love everything food, and organic produce. This would mean research and the best part is… all that you ever would need to know is already out there.
  • An Instagram feed featuring your creations
  • Face Book Page
  • Video of you preparing food and visiting the Farmers Market
  • A blog with your thoughts and perhaps an eBook, featuring your favourite 5 recipes
  • Pinterest with photos of your creations
  • Build your following

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why…  ~ William Barclay ~

What is the dream/why killer?

The dream killer or why killer quite often is not only time but finances, not having enough to pursue your dream. You have commitments and can’t chase your deep-seated whys that you are discovering. It will have to wait till you have retired, or the children leave home and start their own lives.

What if I told you there is a way to educate yourself and start to follow your dreams. Your whys, no matter what they are. To prepare yourself for the journey and not only prepare yourself, to clarify whether this is your dream. To find fulfillment in life that’s not some whim or fleeting idea. I’m doing it right now, I’m clarifying my dream, my why by connecting with people who also are on the same path.


Where is your job taking you?

Recently while taking one of my daily walks, I did a mental audit of my employment and business ventures for the past thirty years. Surprisingly it was all very vivid, no struggling to remember fine details it was all there clear and still raw, and I felt a tinge of anger and irritation of how I had been treated by employers, people I was close to and so-called friends, who became business partners.

This mental audit was based on several questions I asked myself:

  • While in employment did I receive the wage I was entitled too?
  • Were my Superannuation payments paid into my retirement account?
  • Did the time I worked match the hours I was paid?
  • Was I treated fairly by others, was I intimidated or bullied
  • Was I sexually harassed by the employer or other workers?
  • Was I forced to leave employment because of harassment or unfair working conditions?

I opened Pandora’s Box

I started rolling back the years and I went back to when I first left school, my first job, the opportunities I have had, the types of careers I have leaned towards.

I must say it was an eyeopener… I don’t think in the last thirty plus years I have ever done this.

Particularly the last twenty since the death of my husband, where I have been on auto pilot for years.

A mental audit of my working life, the results are in and it’s not pretty, in fact it stinks!!

In every case I have been treated unfairly, by an employer or business partner and the underlaying reason is self-interest.

I could go down the rabbit hole and beat myself up, call myself names, I should have done this or that, what a fool I was to put my trust in this person. It would be endless, and I would go around in circles. It’s gone, I did what I thought was the best with the knowledge I had at the time. Let it go…

Are you any different?

I will make this statement, you may have suffered a similar fate, maybe in varying degrees, maybe much worse. Nonetheless, whether you are male or female, most of us have similar stories. Do a mental audit of your careers or business ventures and see what you come up with.

Being honest with myself, I must take on some of the responsibility, being ignorant or misinformed isn’t a good reason and in some cases, this was the reason. I should have made inquiries and checked, and not just trusted my employer to do the right thing.

I want to live my life, not record it. ~Jackie Kennedy~

When we find the career or employment we want we are so grateful to be able to trade time for money, hours for dollars, to pay our bills, have that annual holiday, we don’t want to create any waves. So, we put up with it.

I did take a stand

To be fair while doing that mental audit, I had flashes where I approached my employer and took a stand and corrected things, particularly when I was younger.

Age doesn’t always make you stronger, it can make you more fearful, dependent, fearful of being without an income, fearful that better skilled, younger people are waiting in the wings…. And they are!

It doesn’t matter at the end of the day, whether you are stacking the shelves at your local supermarket or you have a high-flying career in the corporate world.

FEAR dominates your working life and influences every decision you make every day.

Let’s face it, most people will complain about their job and career, whatever level of the income ladder they are on. Few however will ever do anything about it. They literally must be pushed out the door or ejected from the corporate nest before they wake up.

The Solution

There is only one answer, one solution, it’s always been the answer, work for yourself… create an online business. The question is which business model do I follow? There seems to be an explosion of opportunities to choose from. What should I look for in an online digital business model?

  • On going support while you are building your business
  • Proof that this business is working for people just like you
  • Learn as you earn atmosphere
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Mentors to show you the way
  • A system that can be adapted to use with your own products and services

There is such a business model, I am following it, and it ticks all the boxes for me. If you are curious or remotely interested this form below will take you to that business.

It’s never too late to stand on your own two feet and create your own opportunity and change your lifestyle.


Is a partner a retirement plan

The reality is, life isn’t easy for a female even in the west. We are paid less, which equates to less in retirement income. Climbing the corporate ladder is still a challenge for women and is reflected in most industries. However, the purpose here is not to discuss the plight of women, we all know that the utility companies don’t reduce our power bills because we are female.

I remember reading somewhere or it was alluding to the notion, that woman shouldn’t view a husband or partner a retirement plan. Unfair? Yes… to a certain extent, particularly when large chunks of our working life are taken up with having and looking after our children or even our parents. Which means there is no retirement fund building through paid employment.

Learn to look after yourself

The truth is, we women need to take control, and look after ourselves, life is full of twists and turns and we could find ourselves on the outer, and alone… without an income. It can happen to any of us and is happening to thousands right now.

It’s always about the money…

It’s always about money, income or the lack of it. Looking after ourselves means creating an income now and for the future. It can be done, you can learn how to look after yourself. Being employed at a traditional job means your income is pinned to so much per hour, per week, per year.

Your nest eggIf you are female, single and over forty, how is that going for you??

You’ve got that nest egg set up for your future retirement? Career is going well, great income, life is good! No worries life is just going along smoothly. Out with the girls on the weekends and I do have a partner, weekends away, what more could a girl want?

That’s wonderful you need not read any further…

Just a minute, fast forward twenty years, you are now sixty plus, retirement is looming, that nest egg isn’t that big, in fact it’s not going to be enough for the next couple of decades. You’ve been struggling the last few years, finding work has been a real challenge. Your health could be better, but you manage ok. You’ve been single for a while, no shared expenses, and you prefer it that way.

Perhaps you would rather not think about the future…

There is a solution

The only way is to create an online business, a digital business where the only ceiling on income is the one you put on yourself. This is a business model that is working for many women, there is equality and you can create a secure lifestyle for yourself.

Does it take work? Yes, it does, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not multilevel marketing, it requires dedication and commitment. You must learn the ropes, you will make mistakes and feel frustrated, however you will have support and mentors to model off. Woman and men have succeeded and are living a secure lifestyle which everyone deserves.

If you are remotely interested in learning about another way to look after yourself and become independent and start your own digital business, look at the Seven Day Video Series. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click on the link below for access.

Real-life adventure books

I love reading books about adventures, real life adventures, about real people, with maps and photographs. Video not so much, in my opinion it can take away from the spontaneity of the event and turn it into reality TV feel.

A well written book can take you to the location and make you feel part of the experience. I read ‘Wild’ By Cheryl Strayed a couple of years back, and listened to part of it on audio. I became so engaged with the experience of walking the Pacific Crest Trail, a 1,100 – mile hike, that when someone asked me if I had seen the film, I said yes, but I hadn’t seen the movie at all.

The events along the trail were real to me, I could see them in my mind’s eye, the breathtaking scenery and feel the weight of the backpack, and the blistered feet… it was quite incredible.

I’m still a kid inside, and adventure is adventure wherever you find it.  ~ Jim Dale ~

Gillian CallcottImpact books have

I wrote a post a while back, about finding your why, and exploring your childhood interests which sometimes can give us clues to finding our true purpose or direction in life, the things that make our heart sing.

Reading about real life adventures was something I loved when I was 12 years old. We lived in an old rambling beach side cottage at Burleigh Heads. In those days the land extended right from the Gold Coast Hwy to the Esplanade. The cottage has long since disappeared, and a multistorey building sits on part of the land.

An old musty smelling bookcase

I remember long hot summers and the incessant noise of cicadas when we walked, or should I say ran down to the beach, so our feet didn’t burn on the hot sand. The thing I remember most was a musty smelling bookcase, full of real life adventures books.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.  ~ Helen Keller ~

Mum and Dad rented this cottage from an elderly couple, Benny and Jessie Morris, they owned quite a bit of property around the area. Benny Morris was proud of his purchase at an auction of a few hundred books, the bookcase was in the bedroom that I shared with my sister. I can still picture him, a short round man with a strange moustache, which resembled that of a famous German dictator.

He said that we could read the books, but we had to look after them, they were valuable and cost a lot of money at auction. I can’t remember the amount he said but I do remember that it wasn’t much. I can still picture that room with its white paint peeling timber window frames that opened out onto the back-garden’s lawn. The book case was in the corner of the room, packed with old books.

Future value

The first thing that struck me even has a 12-year-old, was that these books were old and smelly. The pages were yellowed, and small insects (book lice) would run into the book’s spine every time you opened one up. Hardly valuable in my opinion, I suspected that Mr. Morris was a bit tight fisted.

Valuable they were, many hours of reading I enjoyed in that bedroom, the damp musty smell of those books along with the book lice, never bothered me.

In fact, to this day, I have a problem getting rid of old musty smelling books.

There were real life adventures in that musty damp book case, life experiences of real people with photos and maps, journeys across the Sahara Desert in an old car, trekking through the jungles of the Amazon and archaeological expedition in the Middle East.

One of the last books I read from that book case, was of a woman who rode her push bike across Europe, she could fold it up and put it in a suitcase.

Can’t remember the titles

Over the years I have searched for those books, unfortunately the titles have alluded me, it was over forty years ago. Most of the adventures were already decades old even then.

Nonetheless it fueled, an adventurous spirit in me… although I haven’t been involved in anything epic. All those real-life adventure books gave me a little courage and an expectation of not wanting to miss out on opportunities.

Whenever I was hesitating about doing things on my own, however small, I was disappointed in myself if I didn’t try. I believe those adventure books gave me that mentality or maybe developed it to something almost tangible.

I still love watching documentary about people and places. I remember those musty books with fond memories….

Voyage of the Southern Sun – Michael Smith

I am on another adventure now, and what I love about a real-life adventure book is you can experience it wherever you are and whenever you want to escape. Imagine taking the same route that Qantas did more than 95 years ago, but doing it in a little sea plane, a flying boat if you will.

I am sixty pages in and loving it! The background of the adventurer is just as interesting as the journey itself. For all you book adventurers this is one you should read. I know I couldn’t embark on such an adventure, the planning involved would be a feat on its own.

But wouldn’t it be nice just to be in the cockpit of that Searey for just one leg of the journey and have some hair raising moments, you could tell the grand kids about around a family dinner.

That would be a treasured adventure of a lifetime. More interesting than the kids telling strangers that Nan’s got a YouTube Channel with her child

We are all on an epic adventure now!

Sometimes we can get so engrossed with what others are doing and accomplishing, that we forget that all of us are undertaking an epic adventure… called life. It’s our own unique experience, our own path and we get to create and walk it.

Sometimes life takes unexpected twist and turns, we have to deal with. But one thing is certain if you want to have your own epic adventure to some faraway place and that’s what you dream about, it takes finances and planning to do it. If this describes you there is an opportunity to do something about it. I am, because there are things I want to cross off my bucket list, it might not be someone else’s adventure but its mine.

If lack of another income stream is holding you back from that adventure, click the form below and check out the Seven Day Video Series. This might be the answer to seeing your dreams becoming a reality.