Holiday North Queensland – Cooktown

Mowbray River, Port Douglas

Holiday North Queensland, Cooktown

For some time I have longed to visit far north Queensland, Cooktown was the place I had often thought of because of its remoteness, it seems almost the last frontier of this beautiful country.

A crocodile basking in the sun on the banks of Mowbray River

On a number of occasions I have travelled to Port Douglas and then on to Cape Tribulation but the final leap to beautiful Cooktown in far north Queensland was not possible.An opportunity came at last with an invite from my daughter and her partner to visit Cooktown and travel via the inland road to Cooktown and then return on the coastal 4WD route through Cape Tribulation.

Mulligan Highway- inland route to Cooktown

The Mulligan Highway, the inland route to Cooktown was a well maintained road it was very scenic and there were a number of lookouts to soak in the outback, it transported me back to when my parents decided to do a road trip to Darwin from Victoria when I was about 12 years old, all those memories came rushing back…
We stopped at Mt Carbine to fill up and use their facilities, they had the familiar cabin accommodation that you see in the outback, not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are weary it would be a palace.Mulligan Highway far north Queensland Lookout

The Palmer River Roadhouse was interesting, we stopped for a cold drink and was asked if we would like vodka with that.

It was a shame we were on a tight schedule, this place had many a story to tell.

The gentleman behind the counter had that familiar slow Queensland drawl that adds to the layers of interest in this beautiful country. I wonder how tourists particularly from overseas react. 

Familiar slow Queensland drawl….

It’s a bit like going to the ‘Deep South’ in the United States, but this is the deep north in Australia. I find it quite fascinating to watch and listen to people from another location, you can learn so much. Holidaying in North Queensland is something all of us from southeast Queensland should put on the ‘to do list’.
Black Mountain Cooktown far north Queensland

Black Mountain National Park

The mountain resembles a huge stack of coal…

The Black Mountain National Park greets you around 28 kilometres out of Cooktown. Black Mountain is a striking 470 metres of black boulders seemingly piled on top of each other, resembling a huge stack of coal. Take the time to stop at the lookout.

The angled granite boulders are quite fascinating to look at. The boulders are actually a light grey but the covering of lichen gives the boulders their unique characteristic.

Next  Cooktown!

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