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Do you feel stuck?

Recently I was walking along my local beach and I saw a woman with a baby in a pram bend down, and picked something up from the sand, and place it back in the sea. As I walked past I said, “Was it a small crab? No… she said, a little fish stranded on the beach.” I continued walking and glanced back to see her walk back down to the sea, and place something else into the water. It got me thinking about feeling stranded or stuck…

Usually in the marine world anything washed up or stranded on the beach, is there for a reason, and although we may attempt to rescue the poor creature, eventually it ends up stranded further along the beach.

It’s a bit like life, we sometimes feel stranded or stuck or even isolated. Although surrounded by people and activities and responsibilities, we don’t feel part of what’s going on.

It’s my opinion, based on decades of life…  that’s where we are supposed to be. Stuck… because we are not ready to move forward. Stranded because we are not ready to be thrown back into the sea of action.  Isolated because we are still processing new ideas or processing different ways of thinking … hopefully it will only be for a short while. We are where we need to be now…

A change of attitude and action can seem to happen almost overnight. But I don’t believe this is strictly true, many times its proceeded by a period of growth and not always pleasant. Life isn’t filled with rainbows and lollipops. At times we need to change our thinking and thought patterns, this takes time and can be mentally painful.

“Live and love yourself forever, because we are all stuck with what we are.” 

~ M.F Moonzajer ~

For example, if you must decide about something, you may resist the change even though you know it’s inevitable. Resistance is not necessarily being stubborn. For whatever reason you are not ready to move forward, this process can’t be hurried. Unless you are standing on the edge of a cliff and someone is chasing you with an ax, and the only way to escape is by jumping in the sea. If you resist here, you may end up on the CI (Criminal Investigation) channel.

“As long as you’re moving, it’s easier to steer.” 

I look over the years and see a pattern of behaviour in myself, a pattern of cycles starting from my youth, to this very moment in time. We can be too hard on ourselves during these periods of change and beat ourselves up for not moving forward, or taking ‘massive action’ a popular phase that is frequently used.

Gillian CallcottYou can’t hurry this process, it takes time… especially if you are working on yourself.

A break through usually happens when you have reached your capacity.

Take care and be kind to yourself, you will become unstuck in due course.

Life is a cycle, which includes your emotions.

“It comes and goes in waves, it always does, it always does. And carries us away.” Dean Lewis -Waves lyrics




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I loved the ProBlogger Event on the Gold Coast

I made a decision to attend the Problogger Training Event

For a while now my daughter has been telling me about Problogger’s website and how informative it is and a few times I’ve gone over and taken a look late at night and read a few posts. The problem is there is so much stuff out there. You read especially late at night and the morning comes with its next set of priorities and your late night impression disappears with your dreams.

However earlier this year, she received the email about the PB-Event being held on the Gold Coast, decision time will I go? Well a lot of that late night reading must have sunk in because without hesitation I said yes! So the next few months I thought I better get familiar with everything Problogger.Problogger Training Event

I attended the ProBlogger Training Event at the QT Hotel Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

Information by real people creating their own business and willingly sharing their highs and lows along the way

It was the first business event that I’ve attended that was so full of positive proactive people, the energy was high and the sessions were informal, yet filled with information by real people creating their own business and willingly sharing their highs and lows along the way.

Networking Event Poolside at the QT Hotel

The networking event was set around the pool at the hotel, unfortunately we missed the first hour, and by the time we arrived home changed and battled the traffic back to the hotel we were late.

Nonetheless the evening was a success with a photo opportunity with Darren Rowse which he graciously accepted.Network Event Problogger

They also produced a virtual pass, which means you don’t have to be concerned about missing out on a session or perhaps there are two sessions running concurrent that you want to attend.

You can make a choice knowing later you can listen in the comfort of your home, brilliant!

One thing I enjoyed was actually talking to some of the speakers; it was professional yet in a relaxed atmosphere a virtual one on one opportunity to ask questions during breaks.

On the Saturday morning I had an opportunity along with others to speak to Yishan Chan about her book and the session ‘Creating eBooks’, she very generously gave an insight into how she created ‘Pout Perfect’  along with all the photos of lips that are featured.


Paul Cunningham was another speaker, who wrote an eBook about the technical side of Exchange Servers, we started a conversation during morning tea and I was able to ask further questions about the process of writing an eBook.

QT Hotel PB Event Gold Coast

I also met Kylie McGinnity from Handmade Kids, a lovely website featuring beautiful handmade children’s clothes and accessories, it was interesting and enlightening to speak to so many people from behind their sites.

Talking about breaks, the QT Hotel provided a wonderful ‘spread’, breakfast the first day and morning, lunch and afternoon teas were exceptional.

The food was not only presented beautifully it tasted equally delightful, you don’t have to sell me I have been to the Bazaar Restaurant a few times.


My next move now is to listen to the rest of the sessions, and start implementing some of the gems I heard.

If you blog and let’s face it most websites should have one, and want to surround yourself with positive proactive people, not blaming everyone and everything about their lack of progress attending the next ProBlogger Event is a must.

I know the next PBEvent will be on my calendar!