Life changing event

What life changing events have impacted your income?

What will happen if you get sick and can’t work? What will happen if you have an accident and can’t work? How will you look after your family? How will you look after you?

This is happening right now to thousands of people worldwide. Some have insurance or funds in the bank to carry them for a while till you get back on their feet.

Maybe you have 3-6 months of funds, you have that buffer zone. Others aren’t so fortunate. Perhaps you never got around to setting anything up or have a pre-existing condition that prevents you from any type of insurance. Once you are on their database, that’s it!

It doesn’t matter how you arrive at this point, you’re here now, and its little comfort to say…. Oh, I did prepare, but my insurance is running out or, I didn’t have enough insurance to lead a comfortable life. We have all reached the same point, we have had a major life changing event. And it doesn’t matter what it is.

However, there will be some people in your circle of influence full of criticism and judgment because of your circumstances and these maybe people very close to you. This is the last thing you need during a stressful event, but unfortunately that’s when they sometimes come.

Finding another option

Perhaps your accident or illness stops you from working your previous career. You can work and you are searching to do something while coming to terms with your change of circumstance, change of lifestyle and change of income.

Or maybe you now have a long-term illness that will require on going treatment or you would like to investigate other therapies regarding your health. Without an income, this will be a challenge or maybe out of the question.

It really doesn’t matter what the reasons are, or how you got there, you now must find a way of creating an income. You don’t want to be worrying about making ends meet for the rest of your life.

Creating a new income stream

There are many opportunities available online and the beauty of a digital business model is that you only need an internet connection, a laptop and a small amount of capital compared to traditional business models.

I’m speaking to people like yourself, because I have a long-term illness and needed to find a business model that would work for me and my current circumstances. It took me time to come to the realisation of what my future lifestyle would be without an income.

I’ve been online for many years and have made some income..

However, some of the online business models I’ve worked at, didn’t always stand up to scrutiny, there was something missing.  In some cases, there was no longevity, after a short time they literally evaporated and disbanded their people. In addition some had questionable tactics the were at odds with who I was.

So, I started looking for an ethical business model, that had been around for a few years, with a community of people that I could relate to, along with leaders that were involved and were interested and wanted you to succeed. Leaders that kept in contact with their people.

I found a business model which allows me to be myself, it doesn’t stamp me with a cookie cutter, I can still do what I love, be who I am, while earning and learning. This business model took a while to sink in, I was so use to other online business models that wanted to herd you into a tight niche without allowing you to be who you are.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

lost opportunities in life

Are you frightened to take a risk? Are you willing to try new things? Do you regret lost opportunities? Or do you crave a change of scene or change of career and are fearful of taking the chance?

I would like to take you on a short journey into the past, a journey that for some is full of regret and lost opportunity.

This is a story about a beach shack, built behind sand dunes, facing the powerful Pacific Ocean.

It was an old beach house when I was thirteen, two storey fibro, with another living space underneath and a small flat at the back.

My parents rented this beach house from an elderly couple who they got to know very well.

I loved that place, and spent many summers on the beach. The thing I remember fondly were the nights or should I say the early morning hours.

I would wake up frequently around 2am and go down to the bottom of the garden and sit on the timber bench and watch the surf roll in.

I recall moonlight nights when the beach was like daylight and the water would shimmer like a hot summer day.

Other nights the sky was ink black and lit up like a Christmas tree, the milky way clearly visible… I would sit there and look at the constellations and try and pin point each of them. They are great memories to be cherished forever.

During this time my parents were given an opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity to purchase this beach house, this beach shack, this place I loved.

The elderly couple approached them because they really liked them, even I could see that at thirteen.

They even offered vendor finance, I remember them saying the flat rental underneath will assist with the mortgage and the little flat in the front can also be rented. (although it wasn’t council approved) I recall being excited by the prospect of living forever in this house, especially at thirteen.

But there was an obstacle for my parents…. the weather hadn’t been good, we had cyclonic winds and beach erosion, and further along the beach an old beach home was in danger of being swallowed up by the surf.

This created a lot of fear for my Dad especially, he was and still is an anxious and extremely cautious person.

I can remember the discussions my parents had about taking on this property and living on the beach front, and to be fair… the Pacific Ocean when its angry is rather frightening.

Well I don’t have to tell you what happened….

My parents didn’t take up the offer, this once in a life time opportunity, this house which would eventually be worth millions, this beach shack that is still standing to this day nearly fifty years later.

In fact my Dad doesn’t even like walking past it now, even at ninety two years of age, at the time of writing this post, it still hurts, his lost opportunity, a lifestyle lost. Although my parents have done well, regrets still haunt them years later….

Yet others can brush themselves off and start again without looking back. This post was written with the approval of my Dad, he read it and watched the video I took.

What about you, any lost opportunities? Any regrets? I am sure there is, but the good news is there is an opportunity waiting for you now… if you are looking for a change, an opportunity to get started in the digital economy, its waiting for you.

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What will my retirement lifestyle look like

Are you thinking about retirement?… Not yet! The thirty-something might say…

Let me ask you this question… What would your retirement lifestyle look like, if you did think about it?

Most of us don’t want to think about the amount of funds we will need to be able to retire comfortably. We may have done the sums based on the super we have now, a panic runs through us, so we shut down. I’m stuck in this 9-5 job for the next twenty plus years and the chances of things changing are remote, you might say.

All the news reports are doom and gloom about retirement, they are now saying we will need one million dollars to retire comfortably in 2017. Who knows how much that will blow out to in the next ten years. They also say that 1 in 3 woman retire with no super and the rest only have $100,000 and men with $200,000 in retirement funds. If that’s not enough the government wants us all working till we are seventy.

This doesn’t look like a future retirement dream to me….

The media is correct

One thing the media is correct in saying… we need to do something more to secure our future retirement lifestyle.

When you look at the figures presented, a single person living on approximately $25,000 and a couple around $35,000 is not much of a lifestyle. You are on the poverty line.

I can relate to people not wanting to think about it, I did that for years. It’s not that I didn’t want to prepare, its more like I couldn’t see a solution. Throw in a few of life events, death of a partner, divorce and illness, all these circumstances can impact on your future retirement lifestyle dream.

Live your retirement!

Even if you are enjoying a great income… you have a nice Superfund nest-egg and own your own home, things could still go pear shaped.

We really need to have multiple income streams or know how to produce them.

Many are comfortable… with their retirement nest-egg working for them, they are also deriving income from their investment portfolios and life is good.

Or should be…

However there are just as many even though they would be classified as financially secure, do not enjoy their retirement they don’t want to spend it, they are full of anxiety and fear about the next rainy period, and they have forgotten how to live life.

So it’s not just about money, it’s about balance…

What would be the point of working hard all your life, if you didn’t know how to enjoy your retirement.  Or you are too scare to let go and live.

Personally, I think some get caught in a loop of collecting security in the form of super or property, it’s similar to the 9-5 treadmill many of us find ourselves on, but this treadmill goes on till they die. (if they don’t enjoy their wealth, their children or grandchildren or relatives will)


What is the answer? Retire before retirement!

In my opinion the answer is simple, you retire before retirement age. That doesn’t mean you sit on a beach somewhere doing nothing… it means living life on your terms and if that should mean sitting on a beach with a beer in hand in some exotic location, so be it. It’s your dream not mine after all! Find out what your why is?

How do I retire before retirement?

We have already established that some retiree spend little of their money, just in case of an emergency. They may well have their nest eggs working for them, however… this can have a psychological effect after working for decades in the corporate world, or in a previous business.

There is only one way to retire early….  learning to create an income stream that you can develop before retirement age, one that can eventually replace your existing income, and can support a retirement lifestyle without the stress of a conventional business.

A business that isn’t age specific, with ongoing support from a community of like minded individuals and mentors. An online business where you can earn, while you learn. There is such a business, subscribe to my email list and receive a seven day video series, for more information, gain some insight to the possibility of retiring early.

This of course is not realistic to many, the answer is always a simple one, but the implementation is the challenge. I’ve said it before you have to have a business, your own income streams. There is an endless variety of opportunity available today, some of them good.

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What is your why

What is your purpose

What is your why?

Children ask this question constantly and can pester parents relentlessly for the answers.

Somewhere along life’s path we’ve lost that curiosity….

I can remember when my youngest son Benny was four years of age, he would chatter incessantly, and finally I would have to ask him to be quiet… just for a little while please, unfortunately it only lasted for a moment and he was off again.

This quote below is very powerful, if we don’t discover why, our purpose, our passion, our self, we just go through life drifting from one day to the next, without inspiration and finally when we do question our why, decades have flown by.

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why…
~William Barclay~

What does it mean, NOT knowing your why?

It can mean you stay in a career/job that you hate, and when Sunday afternoon rolls around (or whatever day is the start of the your working week) you have that same sinking feeling you felt when you had to go to school on Monday morning. That’s no way to live…you feel stuck and trapped.

Don’t confuse ‘why’ with responsibility- for example, I must pay the bills and feed my family… that is MY why! you may say. No… that’s not what we are talking about here.
Simply knowing your why is the difference between living a full life or just existing… going through the motions of day to day living, because you haven’t worked out your ‘why’. Suddenly retirement is upon you!

A man (or woman) without a goal, (why, purpose or passion) is like a ship without a rudder ~Thomas Carlyle~

Attempting to navigate through life’s turbulent waters today, when you don’t know your ‘why’ can be scary, and gut wrenching… from a day to day perspective.

How can I find my why?

Life today can suck up our time, so much so, that we drift from day to day and year to year mechanically, until one day we come to the realization of wondering, is it all worth it? We are tired, worn-out and exasperated because we don’t know what our ‘why’ is.

Maybe our why is buried so deep inside us, we don’t believe we have one. Perhaps we need to quiet our minds for a while, to access it.

Our minds are rarely still these days, we are bombarded constantly by noise from every possible direction.
Your why is connected to your purpose, happiness, passion and self-worth, it’s about what resonates with you at a deep level, our core beliefs are also tied up with our why.
Knowing your why isn’t the new buzz word, decades ago they called it ‘finding yourself’.

What is your purpose?One way to find your why

One popular method of uncovering your why, is going back to when you were a child, and remembering what interested you, what thrilled you, what made your heart sing. What did you dream about becoming? Sometimes clues can be revealed.

Personally, I believe this is one of the purest ways of rediscovering your why. Remember this was before your mind was cluttered with the stresses of life and adult opinions, when it was okay to dream outrageous dreams, and ideas…. and the only attention you received was a smile, a pat on the head and chuckle from your parents.

Inwardly they were thinking… if only you could stay a child forever and I could protect you from this cruel world. Or you may have ignited a feeling in your parents they had when they were children… momentarily taking them back to their dreams.

Let me use myself has an example, when I was a child I use to love going into the garden and talking to the plants, my father to this day still refers to my behavior.

  •  I love the garden and have hundreds of pot plants.
  • Every night I would make up stories to tell my older sister, so she could fall asleep
  • Today, I’m an author of children’s books.
  • I can remember hiking up the local foothills and mountains and feeling the green springy short soft grass beneath my feet, and the tall rust coloured bracken {a type of large fern} seemingly towering above me.
  • Today, I have a site called Walking the Gold Coast, still love to walk.

These memories are vivid and for many years they were just memories in childhood, until I started to explore them.

There is a bridge to adulthood?

Yes…. there is a bridge. I use a pseudonym, Lillian Bell and have a website called Walking the Gold Coast. It took decades to come back and explore what I really loved in life.
Which brings me back to the ‘Why’… many of us cannot explore our why, because we can’t do anything about it anyway, we haven’t the time, or freedom to indulge ourselves – you must work or spend 60 or 70 hours in business just to keep afloat these days.

There we have it! We don’t know our why because living is taking up all our time…

If only there was a way where we could get ourselves in a position, where we could work hard for a relatively short time, compared to a whole lifetime, and have the freedom to explore our dreams, passions and find our purpose.

There is an opportunity available, a path that others have followed and modeled… which has allowed them to gain not only freedom to explore their purpose, or why in life, but to connect to a community of like-minded people.

You have that same opportunity extended to you now, I’m exploring it because I want to keep doing the things I love, and continue the lifestyle that supports it. I want to keep doing my ‘why’… the things that make my heart sing, but like you I have to live and pay the bills etc.

Check out the seven-day video series and perhaps it will help you find out… What is your why?


Women can’t afford to retire today

Most women can’t afford to retire today!

There is much talk about retirement, and how much money we will need to retire comfortably. Women in particularly are the most vulnerable, the figures indicate that one in three reach retirement with no funding, and the average woman retires with less than $100,000 in Superannuation or a pension fund. What will your retirement lifestyle look like? Is a partner a retirement plan?

These figures are mimicked throughout the western world, women in particular are at most risk, because of the gaps in their working lives for example –

Women will have to keep working

  • Staying at home with the children
  • Parttime employment
  • Equal pay still not a reality
  • Divorce
  • Death of a spouse
  • Ill health
  • Working from home

Men are in trouble also

The list goes on, it cannot be denied that men will also feel the effects of lack of funding for retirement, they may have a little longer to enjoy their retirement, but they will also suffer the same consequences.

It’s not just about money…its about lifestyle and happiness…

Those retiring in the next few years are particularly at risk, for a number of reasons. When you look at the working life of most women, over the last couple of decades, you will find large gaps while taking care of children at home. It’s understandable that women cannot afford to retire

In addition when they were working, it may have been part time, so the income isn’t there to collect in significant contribution.

No one likes to talks about this…

Super funding was introduced into Australia in 1992, we are looking at only 25 years ago, so those retiring now, are already behind the eight ball. They have lost a couple of decades of their working life, contributing to an old age funding scheme.

We could extend that by a few years, because it took some employers time to adjust to this new system, with many resisting changes.

In addition… throw in those that were working for themselves or using their ABN…. we have a recipe for disaster.

In fact there is a huge moving bubble of baby boomers, ill prepared for retirement and approaching retirement age. No one likes to talk about that, they talk about people not being able to retire because of lack of funds.

The only acknowledgement of this issue of time frame, is to extend their working life, beyond 65 years. (maybe they can catch up, if they stay in good health)

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has estimated the yearly income required for a retiree, they broke them down into a number of categories. These figures are interesting and sobering at the same time.

Retirement Standard Annual Cost
Couple – Modest $34,560/Year
Couple-Comfortable $59,619/Year
Single-Modest $23,996/Year
Single-Comfortable $43,372/Year

These figures are based on the retiree owning their own home, and in reasonable health. (Source ASFA)

I can not afford to retire

Do you really need less money when you retire?

They always say you need less income when you are retired, I’ve always questioned that type of reasoning.

For example you may use less fuel because you don’t have to commute to work… but then you go out more and take day trips… more travel, longer distance.

You still consume the same amount of electricity, maybe more…. Spending more time at home in front of the heater in the cooler months.

You eat the same amount of food. You might save a few hundred dollars here and there on insurances because of your age and concessions can help. We are talking about lifestyle here, I know I don’t want to be talking about the cost of everything and complaining about life. I want to live!

Let’s Break Down – Single Income (Single Modest)

Rates 2,000
Home Insurance 1,000
Life/medical Insurance 1,560
Contents Insurance 380
Car Insurance 700
Car Registration 700
Car Service 400
Food @ $130/weekly 6,000
Petrol @$50/weekly 2,400
Meals 2x$50/monthly  1,200
 Electricity  1,400
 Mobile @ $70/monthly  840
 Internet @ $60/monthly  720
 Netflix   @$12/monthly  144
 Holiday for a week  2,000
 Beauty Salon  ?
 Hair cuts  ?
 Medical  ?
 Body Corp Fees  ?

We have already hit expenses of $21,444, and still haven’t completed all the variables, yes it’s true, we can save in this area or that, but at the end of the day this isn’t what I would call a modest single income. You are on the poverty line and we still haven’t finished the expenses.

If you have a $100,000 in the bank, you may get an additional $200 per month or $50 per week if you can access it. However your principle isn’t growing. I’m not a financial planner and I have no skills in this area, my only qualification is how I live and what I would expect a secure lifestyle to look like.

Feeling depressed?

This isn’t the purpose of this exercise, to make you feel without hope. However most of us don’t want to think about it, hoping we might have a ‘win’ somewhere, maybe a long lost relative leaves us a fortune, or we have a windfall by winning the lottery.

I know because I have been there too. Is it too late to enjoy our later years, living life to the full? Traveling to distant places, indulging in the things we have put off.

Is there a solution? Or are we doomed to struggle, after a life time of working…

There is an answer, but it does require some investment and a learning curve. It’s possible by following this online business model that you could recover and be able to retire with sufficient funds to enjoy your retirement with an income coming in monthly.

There are no claims made on income, because it is up to you. You can tap into a community of like minded people who can mentor and support you along the way. It’s best described as an Earn & Learn system and worth a look. An opportunity for women who cannot afford to retire, to get some control back for their future. 

Why not take advantage of the seven day video series. You will be able to tell right away whether this system is for you.


All the best with your retirement, I wish you well and good health and a great lifestyle… 

Will Money Make Me Happy?

More money will solve my problems and I will be happy… we instinctively know that is not true. However, most of us say it, and believe it will make a big difference in our lives right now.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present… ~ Jim Rohn ~

If a whole heap of cash showed up, how would it change your life?

Would you…

  • Pay off your debts, credit cards and mortgage
  • Buy a new car
  • Go on that vacation you have been dreaming about
  • Pack your bag and get out of Dodge!
  • Help your parents
  • Give it to a charity

Suddenly you don’t have anymore money problems, no debts, you have a beautiful home and car, and all the trimmings with money in the bank. How long do you think you could stay in this position? You may say… I will never ever, ever get myself into that situation again, I am secure and happy for the first time in my life, and it feels wonderful.

Will money change you?

It is true that many of our day to day financial problems may seem to be solved, or eliminated, it would certainly take a lot of pressure off. Perhaps we may feel more secure and free. At this point we should ask ourselves a few questions:

Suddenly coming into money unfortunately doesn’t wave a miraculous wand over us, and make us instantly happy. We may feel relieved that now for the first time we are financially free… the pressure is off. None the less, we are still the same person with the same insecurities, feelings and habits.

Maybe you are a special case…

You may be one of the ones that can hold onto this new found lifestyle. However statistic show that most of us revert back to our original income status, along with the person we really are within a few years. There have been many of studies done with lottery winners and this has been the case.

Maybe solving our money problems isn’t the long term answer to happiness or freedom.

Happiness is a state of mind they say…

It has been stated that happiness is a state of mind and we must choose happiness, if we are to be truly happy long term. What does that mean? In its simplest form it means we need to practice being happy, we should make a habit of it, and become aware of what’s going on in our minds throughout the day. Reading books and meeting people who have achieved not only financial freedom but more importantly happiness.

If you are still of the opinion that money is the answer to happiness and the key in your case, you need to do something about it. The chances of a truck load of money appearing or winning Lotto are unlikely. Why not start a business with a proven track record, and meet people who have achieved both money and happiness, and have learnt that happiness is more important. You can connect with such a community by clicking the banner below.

This is a community of people from all walks of life, that can assist with a proven business model.. that can point you in the direction of improving your financial position, and yourself worth. This will ultimately bring happiness to you and those around you.