Gillian Callcott

I’m trying to put pen to paper and for some reason the words aren’t flowing. The reason is I have to write ‘about me’, and its a little more personal, last time I wrote this ‘about page’… it was when I created this blog some years ago.

My Story…

For the past twelve years I have been working with an interstate company from my home based office, looking after their marketing and websites. We traveled quite extensively overseas to exhibitions and exhibited at times. I enjoyed the travel and the job, because of its freedom, no one bothered me and no one was standing looking over my shoulder. During that same period I was teaching part time at a local college.

Like many I worked off my ABN which meant I was responsible for my ‘super’ and insurances.(in theory) The problem was the money was a bit lean after my part time teaching evaporated. None the less I continued on regardless.

Work is more of a challenge to find when you become older…

Well after working for this company for twelve years, they very abruptly terminated me in a very unceremonious manner, phoned me up one Tuesday night without warning and asked me to post the phone back and they were only giving me 20 hours a month. It didn’t make a lot of sense and I was upset by the way they handled it, little regard was given to my 12 years of service. Although six months later my former boss casually tried to hand the phone back. Needless to say I had no intention of working with this company again.

New Path and Direction

Dabbling online is something I’ve done for years, I have made a little money but not enough to support myself. So I decided to do some online training, learning to write and illustrate children’s books.

Three years later I had written and illustrated and published 11 books, using the name Lillian Bell Books. I love writing stories, and creating the illustrations, its really feels quite effortless, although it takes time to bring it all together.

The hard part is the marketing, especially your own products. The reason I started writing was to produce a residual income and in time it would eventually support me.

Retirement age is approaching fast… and like many, my super will not support my present lifestyle…

The Treadmill… No Way!

Build a business you love

I don’t want to be working in a 9-5 job, or more realistically… juggling a couple of part time jobs… struggling to live, there must be a better way..

There is a better way, and that’s why I have decided to change the feel of this blog and make it about how I am going to tackle a new venture, that will help me, not only market my existing business of writing children’s books, it will give me another income stream.

There are challenges to overcome and I can see it won’t be easy, however the end result will be a new perspective on conducting, and earning a future income, that will secure my retirement. Best of all, I have mentors to support me, and a community of like minded people working with the same goals. It’s truly a learn as you earn environment.

I’m putting myself on the line here, this is my name and if you put my name into Google a lot of what I’m doing and have done comes up. There is much more to share, that will resonate with many of you, because what is happening to me is happening to many, I’m not a special case, so at the very least subscribe to my email.

There will be banners throughout this site, that go to affiliate links where I will earn a commission, will you join me on this path?

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