One of the joys of life is walking

Me and my sister Wendy at Linley Point, Burns BayWhen away from my home-base I take the time to find a walking track. Sometimes the locations are stunning and a simple walk from my accommodation reveals a wonderful walking trail. (This happened in Palm Springs California ) Other times a little more effort is involved.

This blog aims to give you a visual perspective of various locations, it is personal and does reflect the experience of the writer only. The information is original and reveals what happens on the day.

It is hoped that you can take with you some valuable content that will enhance your holiday or time allocated away from your business trip.

This blog is also about other topics, my personal views on a number of subjects. But my heart is in traveling and walking around soaking in the atmosphere of the location and one of the things I found is you can still enjoy a location even if it is a business trip. It does require some planning however it is possible even if you have a tight schedule.

What if you are only doing business….

My work takes me to a number of countries, some I have visited many times, and when possible I like to steal a few hours and take in the location. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.
Fun for me is taking in the essence of the place, most of the time that is a walk. By walking you get a better sense of where you are and there is nothing like being on the ground so to speak. You smell and see things you just can’t experience from a car or tour bus.

However there are times when this isn’t possible, it may not be safe or time doesn’t permit. If this is the case enjoy the local restaurants or coffee houses and do a bit of people watching.

Make every business trip an adventure

If the opportunity presents itself and you only get the chance to drive from point a to point b don’t despair make sure you stop at local cafes instead of the usual takeaway chains. Here is where you will meet the real locals, take care in unfamiliar areas.

I have had some great experiences eavesdropping on conversations, listening to the daily chatter of locals. (If they speak English)
If you can’t walk just take note of your surroundings and plan your next visit and arrange your affairs so that you can take the time to smell the roses. Your business will only benefit from it. Even a walk around the grounds of your accommodation (if they have grounds) can reveal a lot.

Take a different route to your next call, this happened to me in Fiji, a road trip to Suva along the Kings Hwy turned into a bit of an adventure. (I believe the road is now upgraded) There were some scary moments, but it’s only then that you know you are alive.


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