Gillian Callcott

Starting an Online Business?

Creating an online home business isn’t hard, you can register a domain name, and hosting all on the same platform, and be up and running in no time.

That’s the easy part, next is the business itself, finding the right model for you. Perhaps you already have products linked to a brick & mortar business and you are wanting an online presence. Or like many people, you are happy to sell other people’s products for a commission, this is the affiliate marketing model. 

This is by far the easiest online home business model, little risk, and if you are promoting large ticket items it can be quite lucrative. People today are looking for that second income, to not only supplement their income, but to replace it, working from home is very appealing for all age groups. For example, the baby boomers are heading for retirement, many are set up and looking forward to many happy years traveling and enjoying their lifestyle. 

Secure a Lifestyle

Can You Retire Comfortably? 

However there are a large number who are not able to retire, they are not set up with enough Superannuation funding or an investment portfolio, they will be working till they are unable to hold down a job, if there are any jobs available for them.

Women in particular are very vulnerable, for many reasons. 

This isn’t scare mongering its real, and happening right now… July 2017 was the start of extending the working lives of all of us. Many will be working well into their seventies, if this describes you, starting an online business is the solution.

It’s everyone’s right to have a secure lifestyle, this means different things to different people, for you it may mean owning a nice home, with a generous income that support all your needs and a couple of holidays a year. Maybe you still haven’t figured out your why?

It’s everyone’s right to have a secure lifestyle… freedom and time.

For some they want it all! Travel, wealth and admiration from others. In addition there are some who want to use their time and resources to help people.

There we have it, time and freedom, along with happiness…. to do what you want in your life whatever age you are. The way conventional business is set up, it keeps owners stuck and their employees bound. There must be a better alternative? The younger generation look at their parents, and want a better lifestyle when they are their age, and they want it now. You can understand why they think this way… they want to get smart and create those income streams and not just rely on their ‘Super’. 

It’s not new thinking, every generation looks at their parents and wants a better life, or maybe they want to help their parents.There are many up and coming young entrepreneurs today, that are savvy, and seem to have their finger on the pulse. 

It doesn’t really matter the reasons, the question is… which is the best online home business model to follow?

Which is the Best Online Business For You?

There is an online business designed for people from all walks of life and all ages, this business model teaches you how to succeed in this competitive world, through education and helping others to succeed.

Its ethical, and makes no false claims of success, it speaks the truth about how much work you have to put into it to get a result, and you can connect with real people that have been in the same place and position as you.

I have chosen to follow this business model and this website contains links and blog post about my progress, join me and take a look, subscribe to my emails and receive a seven day video series that will give you a taste of being part of this online home based business community. 

You always have to do your due diligence no matter who recommends a business…

I look forward to meeting you in the near future, you can connect with me by hitting any of the social links above.