Gillian-home2My daughter suggested that I start by saying; I’m Gillian Callcott by day but Lillian Bell by night.
This blog is the way I look at the world, but it’s not just about me.

I’ve always loved to walk, I realised early in life that walking was a wonderful way to ground your feelings, to put things in perspective, to come up with ideas.

So I started to map out and write about my walking routes and created a site called Walking the Gold Coast so that I could share my experience with others.
However because my site was aimed primarily at walking and mapping my routes it didn’t seem appropriate to write about other subjects or walks I did in other states or countries.

So it was only natural I suppose that I should create a site in my name, with my personal experiences.

It’s about seeing the world through my eyes, not so much my opinions, I’m not on any crusade.

My writing is all about being in the moment, what I feel on the day, so you can almost say it’s a diary a collection of unrelated events that happen in everyone’s day to day life.
I mentioned at the outset, that I am Lillian Bell by night; no I don’t change into some mysterious, intriguing character, and lead a secret life.

The truth is I write children’s books, I disappear into a world of talking soft toys and Koalas and create stories around these characters. Creating stories is something I can do with relative ease, I would like to say I’m one of these colourful characters who can come up with a funny story to entertain a group of people, but the truth is I’m not.

My stories are on paper and are written to entertain children along with the illustrations to bring the words to life.
I hope you find something in my writing that you can relate to or perhaps I can touch your heart and soften your pain with my life experience.


Please leave a message so I know you are out there somewhere…